Keep that Same Energy

This past Saturday, I decided I was going to work. Now what I meant by work was not the act of going into my job on my day off because, Eww.  But, I meant to work on my business. Now, you’re probably wondering: “what is this business you speak of?” I don’t really know yet but slowly and surely, I’m figuring it out. So, this particular Saturday was spent writing. I edited and posted to YouTube, sent some emails…you know, the basic stuff that we like to avoid. I also spent some time supporting, researching and learning about this branding world that I’m trying to step into. In that journey, I found a video of Kimberly Cherelle on YouTube and found my self cheering her on…(Tyra Banks meme)

As I watched her, I thought: “Wow, look at her do her thing; that’s so dope.” And no, I don’t know her personally but we did go to Georgia Southern together (the Real GSU) and to see her growth, to watch her do her thing on YouTube, was totally amazing to me. I felt genuine happiness for her. I later went on to watch some other videos and before I knew it, it was 3 am. But, I wasn’t at all tired, just inspired and really excited….

Then, it dawned on me. I thought, “why am I not cheering myself on like this?” I frequently pat myself on the back but I don’t normally have the same excitement for myself that I have for those around me. And that’s a problem. I need to keep that same energy for myself. Support those around me, but also remember the infinite magic and possibilities I have within myself.

This isn’t to say that I don’t believe in myself, but I can do a much better job at self love and positive self talk. I know I will have my set backs, but that high energy will keep me focused and keep me pushing towards my goal.

So you go Glen Coco. This is my forever reminder that it’s okay and so imperative to clap for your damn self, at all times.

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