Updated: Jan 20, 2019

A few months ago, I mentioned some of life’s lemons and how I knew it was time to take a step back. Taking a step back led me to revisit a 20 day reset my church began at the beginning of 2018. Initially, I started this book and fast with my church- and I mean I went super hard for all of 8 days and then, just like that I forgot about it and had fallen through on my commitment.

After some much needed reflection, I thought to reset. Except this time, I decided to do it my way and really think long and hard about the things I needed to give up during this reset.

As I was beginning this reset, looking for things to do to keep my mind off distractions, I decided to clean my email—because lets be real, I’m that person that has 276 unread email alerts on my phone. (No, seriously, I just looked at my phone and that’s what it said). I started with the “promotions” tab on Gmail because that section is usually filled to max capacity with junk. Ordinarily, I hit “check all” and “delete” because I really don’t have the time. However, on this particular night, a thought came to me: “you know, if I actually unsubscribed I wouldn’t have to keep dealing with all this reoccurring junk taking up my storage.” And just like that it hit me.  

What haven’t I unsubscribed from my life that keeps recurring and taking up unnecessary room?

I think I fix the problem by saying it’s not a problem anymore, deleting the situation, and moving on…But, have I actually opened up that issue to look at the root of the problem? I’ll answer- NO.

Some of us don’t unsubscribe from anything because that takes more work than just deleting it or moving it somewhere else until it pops up again.

Suddenly, it made perfect sense. I began to not only clear out my emails and unsubscribe from things I was no longer attracted to, but I also began to unsubscribe from actions, things, and people who I no longer have the capacity for. (Issa Word)

And please note, this is not an overnight thing- even your emails take time to stop coming. You’re not gonna be instantly enlightened overnight-that’s not a thing. Just unsubscribing from junk is a step in the right direction.

So in the words of Queen Badu “pack light” my friends.

With Love,

Ciegi La’Priest

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